Active citizenship program in cooperation with the assessor Educational Institution at Kabul Polytechnic University

07 Apr, 2019

The ceremony was initiated by reciting verses from the Qur'an and  the National Anthem,then Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar “ Chancellor of KPU, from the past, peace and tranquility and aspirations of the country's assessor education  have remind

Two women's mosque opened at Kabul Polytechnic University

03 Apr, 2019

The ceremony was attended by the Kabul Polytechnic University Chancellor Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar “ , Vice Chancellor Admin & Financial Affairs, Vice Chancellor Students Affairs, Teachers,staff and students were started by reading Holl

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between Kabul Polytechnic University and Dynamic Vision Company

27 Mar, 2019

In a meeting the Kabul Polytechnic University Chancellor Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakr “had with the chairman of Dynamics Vision and his colleagues, talked and discussed about topics.

Appreciation of the functions of professors and staff of the K P U

20 Mar, 2019

After reading the Holy Quran Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar” Chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic University  the services and functions of the professors of the Kabul Polytechnic University, especially the retired people, reminded  their efforts and the scientific and academic field.