Kabul Polytechnic University on 13 October of 1963 was established by the government of Afghanistan.

After completion of teaching classrooms and laboratory in 1967, the university began to offer educational service and in the year of 1972 for the first time students from this university graduated.  Until 2002 this university was called Kabul Polytechnic Institute then, later on, it became Kabul Polytechnic University.

Until 1980 students studied till bachelor level and till 1992 students could study master level in the field of engineering. In this period people were educated to Ph.D. level.

Kabul Polytechnic University from the beginning of its establishment was considered as one of the important entity in providing education and training. The university graduates in all field of engineering were remarkable and tangible. The university has always worked hard to provide a suitable and nurturing environment for development and modernizing in both quality and quantity.


Our objectives are continuous standardization of the university in all academic aspects.

Development of engineering sciences based on the world’s greatest achievement in science and technology, establishment of new trades and faculties, and finally training of competent and qualified, loyally, and patriot faculty as needs of the country and the demands and standards of time and age.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide quality educational services to all Afghans who meet the requirements to study at our university; teach, conduct researches and lead the national projects aimed at growth and development of the country, and finally graduate students who can respond to technical and professional needs and demands at their community and country levels.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to establish a highly specialized engineering education system that, in quantitative and qualitative terms, not only responds to the needs of Afghanistan’s development and progress in respect to contemporary demands. But also compete with other university in the region and world.


Kabul polytechnic University as a leading public university in the field of engineering. Will observe all the rules and regulations of the ministry of Higher Education ( MoHE): and talking in to account its facilities and possibilities, will consider mission, vision, available opportunities and the goals of this bylaw, The implementation of the above activities will be on the basis of existing funds, budget, autonomy, human resources and possibilities.  

Important points on its goals: 

Capacity building program for the instructors.

Equipping the laboratory of the university with modern technology and maintain them.

Persistent expansion of new teaching method.

Provision of suitable social and ethical environment and prevention of any kind discrimination in the university environment.

Revising and modernizing the university curriculum.

Reconsideration of the time for making writing and translation of textbooks.

Enhancing and promoting the current master program and setting new master degree program.

Implementation of research project and engineering.

Expanding of the university faculties and departments according to the country’s needs.

Promotion of Kabul Polytechnic University to an academic research at the country level.

Building relationship with universities inside the outsides of the countries.

Hiring, training and encouraging of technicians for departments.

Developing and expanding of foreign languages.

Equipment of printing and publishing center of the university.

Building new buildings and classrooms for the university.

Revising on the implementation of the credit system.

Evaluation of academic, administration, and teaching by experienced teachers and competent students.

Revision of regulations, procedures, and guidelines.

The signing of a memorandum of understanding protocol with the ministries, national and international entities.

Establishment of cultural and social associations by the students to enhance student’s talents.

Address: Kabul Polytechnic University, Bagh-e-Bala, Fifth Districts, Kabul Afghanistan.