The Academic Research Centers (ARC) is a community of researchers and programs covering a variety of substantive domains and exemplifying KPU’s commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence and research innovation. The ARC brings substantive expertise and collaborative infrastructure to theoretically driven and multimodal research. The ARC collaborates with multi-disciplinary research from the University of Kabul Polytechnic and other research institutions by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data; providing methodological and statistical expertise; and facilitating pre- and post-award management. ARC’s research staff works jointly with engineers, researchers, natural, environmental, social and computer scientists, and other experts in an open, cooperative working environment.




Assist. Prof. A.J. Niazi, Ph.D.
Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU)
KPU-International Journal of Engineering & Technology (KPU-iJET)
KPU 5th Dist. Kabul City, Afghanistan.
Cell: +93-781-151-152



Mohammad Ali Eltaf

Head of Academic Research Center

(+93) 772382388