Chancellor Biography

Identification:  Chancellor Biography

Name - Abdul Rashid

Sure Name – Iqbal

Date of Birth – March/14/1966

Place of birth – Wardak-Afghanistan

 Marital status - Married

 Address - Apt.3, block.6, Residential blocks of Kabul Polytechnic University,


                  Tel: 0700290187 and 0749415437, WhatsApp, Viber and imo: 0700290187

Job Title – Professor/Geophysist

Educational Degree – Master Degree

Scientific Rank – Professor



  1. Primary School- Chak Wardak-Afghanistan,
  2. Secondary School- Jami High School, Herat-Afghanistan,
  3. Bachelor and Master Degree- Azerbaijan Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry, Department of Geophysics,


  1. Many short courses and training on Geophysics in India, Turkey, Iran, Germany and Finland.
  2. UNISCO geophysical regional training course Hyderabad-India
  3. Airborne Geophysical Training Course Shiraz and Yazd-Iran
  4. Community Development Course-Kabul                                          


Work Experiences:

  1. Engineer in Ministry of Mines and Industries, year 1986
  2. Army Holy Services, year 1986-1987
  3. Engineer in WAPECA, Ministry of Energy and Water, year1988
  4. Assistant of professor and professor at Oil and Gas Mines Engineering Department of KPU, year 1989 till now
  5. Assistant of professor and administrator of Chancellor Office, year 1990-1991
  6. Acting Chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic Institute, year 1998
  7. Dean of Faculty of Geology and Mines of KPU, from May 2019 till now
  8. Worked at many International Organizations such as IAM, Care International, Solidarities, MEDAIR, Mercy Corps, CHF and UH-Habitat, years 1998-2017.



  1. Pashto-excellent speaking, reading and writing,
  2. Dari- excellent speaking, reading and writing,
  3. English-very good speaking, reading and writing,
  4. Russian- very good speaking, reading and writing,


Others Skills:

  1. Computers soft skills,
  2. Reporting writing and editing,
  3. Translation from English and Russian languages to Pashto and Dari,

 Main Jobs and Responsibilities:

  1. Teaching Geophysics,
  2. Geophysical field works,
  3. Reporting writing and Editing,
  4. Site supervising and management,
  5. Site engineer,
  6. Project manager,
  7. Preparation of implementation and activities plan,
  8. Community communication and mobilization,
  9. Community license agreement.
  10. Any others related jobs and responsibilities,
  11. Administrative Affairs,