Report of activities of Kabul Polytechnic University

05 Jul, 2019

Convocation reports on the activities of Kabul Polytechnic University with subscription leaders, professors and staffs .

Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific Cooperation between Kabul Polytechnic University and the Bakhtar private university

05 Jul, 2019

The Kabul Polytechnic University chancellor Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar”, the Bakhtar private university Chancellor Dr Ameer Mohammad “ Nori”, they signed the two-way agreement on academics and memorandum of understanding between the two universities.

Opening labs and solar system Relinquished the College Information Technology College

05 Jul, 2019

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Quran and the broadcast of the national anthem Subsequently Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar” Chancellor of KPU  considered the content and value of scientific and educational projects, and in particular the college informatics pro

Scientific partnership, governance and economic growth

30 Jun, 2019

Today 27/6/2019 scientific partnership, governance and economic growth  program established at  Kabul polytechnic university .