Geology and Mines Faculty:

The faculty of Geology and Mines was established in 1979 at Kabul Polytechnic University and has been playing a resourceful role as an evolutionary element of the country’s industries in terms of training of national engineering cadres at undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate levels. The contribution of graduates of this faculty in construction and rehabilitation of our beloved country Afghanistan is considered as valuable as others. The esteemed lecturers of the faculty with heart of full of love against their homeland are teaching the students for the improvement of their knowledge. There are five graduate departments and one general department in the formation of the faculty which are as follow:

Since the establishment of the faculty, more than 3000 engineers have graduated from the specialized departments of the faculty in the fields of Geology and Exploration of Mines, Mining Engineering, Oil and Gas and at undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate levels and as well as the first term of students will graduate in 2018 at bachelor level from the field of engineering geology and hydrogeology. Over the past years, these engineers have had a valuable and important role in mining, industrial affairs, development and improvement of national economics of Afghanistan.

  1. Department of Geological Engineering and Exploration of Mines – established in 1967
  2. Department of Oil and Gas Mines Engineering – established in 1967.
  3. Department of Open Pit Mining Engineering – established in 2012
  4. Department of Underground Mining Engineering – established in 1970.
  5. Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology – established in 2013.
  6. Department of Physical Training.

The main aims of the faculty

  1. To train engineers with high level who are being aware of the modern improvement of science and technology and have the full acquaintance of the theoretical and practical skills of their own fields of study.
  2. To train the younger in case of serving to society with consideration of high spirit of legal, national and realizing of occupational responsibilities.
  3. To conduct scientific research in case of paving the way for the improvement of modern Afghanistan and creation of research laboratories in order to achieve the aforementioned aims.
  4. To train academic and teaching cadres for the country in the fields of geology and mining sectors.
  5. To create a suitable atmosphere for teaching and avoiding from all types of discriminations (political, tribal, language and religious).
  6. To modernize and update of teaching curriculum and syllabuses with the regional and international standard.
  7. To hire academic cadres for the departments base on the needs according the law of enrollment in academic cadre.
  8. To seek for resources and donors for the better implementation of strategic plan of the faculty.
  9. To implement policies for self assessment and assessment of teaching quality at the faculty level.
  10. To facilitate teaching classrooms of departments with new technology of teaching.
  11. To use the technology and new teaching methodology for betterment of teaching quality.
  12. To compile and translate the theoretical and practical materials with high quality.
  13. To strength academic relation with domestic and foreign organizations and universities.
  14. To increase and publish scientific – research papers of faculty academic cadres.
  15. To train lab technicians for laboratories of relevant departments.
  16. To sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Germany, Iran, China and the rest of interested countries.
  17. To send young lecturers to different counties for pursuing of their Master and PhD degrees.
  18. To send out the lecturers to USA, Turkey, Germany, Iran and further countries for short term training in case of improvement of their professional skills and familiarizing with modern equipment relevant to geology and mining.
  19. To provide the tools and modern equipment for the laboratories of Geological Engineering and Exploration of Mines, Oil and Gas, Mining Engineering and Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology Departments. 

The brief introduction of the DEAN OF Geology and Mines Faculty:

Name - Abdul Rashid, Sure Name – Iqbal, Job Title – Dean of Faculty of Geology and Mines, Educational Degree – Master Degree, Scientific Rank – Professor


1-Primery School- Chak Wardak

2-Secondery School- Jami High School, Herat

3-Bochelor and Master Degree- Azerbaijan Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry

Work Experiences:

  1. Engineer in Ministry of Mines and Industries, year 1365
  2. Army  Holy Services, year 1365-1366
  3. Engineer in WAPECA, Ministry of Energy and Water, year1367
  4. Assistant of professor and professor at Oil and Gas Mines Engineering Department of KPU, year 1368 till now
  5. Assistant of professor and  administrator of Chancellor Office, year 1369-1370
  6. Acting Chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic Institute, year 1377
  7. Dean of Faculty of Geology and Mines of KPU, from 17-02-1398 till now
  8. Part time worked at many national and international organizations

The brief introduction of the VICE DEAN OF Geology and Mines Faculty

Name: Abdul Hameed​, Last Name:Sediqi​, Province:Ghazni​, Education: M.S, Academic Degree:Assistant  Professor, Place of Education: Afghanistan, Experience:3 yrs, Publications:More than 

Contact Number:+93708287704, Email: