Computer Science Faculty

In December 27th 2007 a department which had been called Information Technology and Computer Engineering” or in short (ITCE) established in faculty of Electro-mechanic which was headed by Associate Professor Mirza Mohammad Mirza. In 2008, 35 students had joined ITCE department and the ITCE growth rapidly and upsized to the Faculty of Computer Science (CS). Quickly, in 2009 13 lecturers were recruited and 50 students are introduced to this faculty. In total, 84 students were divided into two departments, namely Information Technology and Computing Information Science. Since the data foundation date the study curriculum of this faculty has been revised and improved 2 times per year in periodic meetings of lecturers.

In 2009, the Ankara University, Turkey has implemented a NATO’s funded project in this faculty to create and equip technical laboratories which yielded to create the third department of this faculty called Computer Engineering in 2010. The CS Faculty renamed to Computer Engineering and Informatics (CEI) by 4 departments in principle in 6th December 2010. The main reason to rename this faculty was the general position and goal of Kabul Polytechnic University and pure Engineering University in Afghanistan where its graduates are entitled Engineer with bachelor degree. The 4 departments are officially approved by MoHE as under:

 1. Network Engineering ( NE) :

 2. Information System ( IS):

 3. Computer Engineering (CE):

Faculty of CEI upsized to 240 students and 20 lecturers in 2011, beside its rapid growth this faculty has faces some problems which can be obstacles for an ideal improvement. The key obstacle is luck of physical space like building and comfortable classrooms, lecturers’ room, laboratories and other facilities and an appropriate teaching and research environment. The mentioned obstacles stop us to start teaching and services with new departments such as Software Engineering and Telecommunication while we see a good marketplace for graduates of these study principles.

The first cohort (22 students) graduated in 2012 from two departments: CIS and IT. It was the first and good experience of CEI faculty because all (22 students) have been hired to IT market via free competition. Normally, students have been introduced by MoHE, Examination Directorate to the faculty of CEI once per year where in 2012, 172 new students have been introduced to this faculty and the same year CEI had 414 students. When the processes of teaching and services have been stabilized in CEI then consequently each year 164, 195, 180 new students had joined this faculty and in 2015 totally 600 students were studying in CEI. At the same time after 2012 each year 39, 52, 40, 44 student graduated from this faculty where in 2015 this faculty had 175 graduates in total. In 2016, 180 students have been added and 80 students have been graduated from faculty of CEI.

More information about departments are shown in table below

Department founded table :

Department Founded Date Degree level Study duration Nr semesters Credit total
Computer Engineering 2011 Bachelor 4 years 8 semesters 152
Computing Information Science 2009 Bachelor 4 years 8 semesters 152
Information Technology 2009 Bachelor 4 years 8 s  

The balance table for new students and graduates

No    Year    Departments     New students     Graduates Sources
2   2009      IT, CIS   50       Elector Mechanic faculty
3 2010   IT, CIS, CE    60      Kankor Directorate
4   2011   IT, CIS, CE  100   22 Kankor Directorate
5 2012     IT, CIS, CE   172   39   Kankor Directorate
6 2013 IT, CIS, CE     164 52 Kankor Directorate
7       2014   IT, CIS, CE 195 62   Kankor Directorate
8         2015   IT, CIS, CE     190    101     Kankor Directorate
9 2016      IT, CIS, CE   180  80 Kankor Directorate