Electromechanics Faculty:

The Faculty of Electro-mechanics was established in 1981 to fulfill the demand and requirements of the society for national experts in the fields of Electrical Power Engineering and Automobile Transportation i.e. Transportation by Automobile. Many professional engineers have been graduated with BSc and MSc degrees in the relevant fields of this faculty. These engineers have played an important role in economic development of the country by solving the problems in national product industry and sectorial institutions.

In this Faculty, There are two Degree Granting Departments: Electrical Power Engineering Department and Auto-mechanical Engineering Department. Furthermore, there are four General departments: Department of Higher Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of theoretical and applied mechanics, and Department of Foreign Languages.

Currently, there are 58 lecturers and professors with different academic ranks teaching in six departments of this faculty.

In 1985, 25 professional engineers graduated with MSc degrees for the first time from graduate programs of Electro-mechanics Faculty. Totally 1638 students have been graduated from Degree Granting Departments of this faculty until 2017 this number includes 913 graduates from Department of Electric Power Engineering in 28 periods and 725 graduates from Department of Auto-mechanical Engineering in 29 periods.


      1: Auto Mechanic Engineering Department:

      2: Electrical Power Engineering Department:

General Departments:

      1: Higher Mathematics Department:

      2: Foreign Language Department:

      3: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Department:

      4: Physics Department:


Mission Statement

The mission of the Electro-mechanics Faculty is to provide opportunities of higher education to all eligible candidates, also to establish a standard higher education institution which has the ability to provide quality teaching, research and services. To prepare competitive students based on the demands of stockholders and labor market, have the ability to fulfill the professional requirements in the relative fields in national and regional levels.


To establish a standard and prestigious professional engineering higher education institution in relevant fields to not only fulfill the requirements of the country for development but also fulfill the demands of labor market. To provide the environment for the students to have access to the latest technological and scientific developments.


The main goals of Electro-mechanics Faculty are:

  • Continual updating, standardization and revision of curriculums according to regional and international standards.
  • Prolonged work on providing and preparing facilities, equipment and opportunities for qualitative and quantitative improvement of academic and educational activities of the departments.
  •  Providing the opportunities for professional development for academic members of the departments
  • Working for cooperation and building partnerships in national, regional and international levels.


Electro-mechanics Faculty considers its vision, mission, strengths and weaknesses, the risks and opportunities, and performs the following activities in accordance with the rules, and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan to achieve the set goals:

  • Provides the opportunity for academic members of the departments to obtain MSc and PhD degrees.  
  • Equipping departments’ classes with modern teaching technologies.
  • Utilizing new teaching methods and technologies to improve teaching quality.
  • Equipping the laboratories of all departments of the Faculty.
  • Providing appropriate teaching environment and avoiding whole discriminations (political, ethnical, lingual and religious).
  • Continual revision and updating of curriculums, syllabuses and teaching material in departments’ levels.
  • Continual monitoring of curriculum implementation according to the approved syllabuses.
  • Conducting research projects and providing engineering services in different fields to solve problems of the society.
  • Seeking resources for the better implementation of the specific programs of faculty’s strategic plan.
  • Providing opportunities for cooperation with national and international universities.
  • Implementation of assessment and self-assessment policies of teaching quality in the faculty level.
  • Establishment of libraries and equipping them with updated books and teaching material in departments’ and faculty levels to fulfill their professional requirements.
  • Training and capacity building of lab technicians for departments
  •  Establishment of new Degree granting departments according to national requirements and interests.
  • Signing MOUs and protocols for cooperation with ministries, administrations and sectorial organizations.

The education system of this academic institution has been improved to some extent during the past one and a half decade. Firstly, curriculums and syllabuses of all departments have been revised. Secondly, lecture rooms have been equipped with updated teaching technologies. In addition, some laboratories in various departments have been partially equipped with lab equipment. Moreover, opportunities have been provided for several academic members from various departments to obtain their MSc and PhD degrees in their relevant fields. Last but not least, credit hour system is implemented as a more effective and updated education system instead of traditional education system. However, all the aforementioned activities are not considered sufficient for quality enhancement. Continuous efforts are required for quality enhancement and modernization of higher education, and development of departments in accordance with the demands and requirements of the society.

Degree Granting Departments of Electro-mechanics faculty are essential entities for economic development of the country. Graduates of these departments are usually employed in academic and research institutions, governmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations.


Ministry of Higher education introduces new students to each Degree Granting Department of Electro-mechanic Faculty at the beginning of each academic year. Students seeking admission in both Electrical Power Engineering and Auto-mechanical Engineering departments have to take university entrance exam (matriculation exam).