Physics Department:

The physics department of the Polytechnic University was established simultaneously with the establishment of the Polytechnic University. This department has been offering Physics lessons in all faculties of the University.

As the department started its classes for the first time, there was initially only one lecturer named Professor Dr. Abdul Azeem Zyaee and another lecturer named Associate Professor Dr. Ghulam Seddiq Mohebbi along with other foreign national lecturers. In addition to the mentioned lecturers, a number of Afghan Assistant Professors such as Engineer Mohammaddin, Engineer Besmellah Nezhat and Engineer Guldad Khan also started working in this department. Years later, Engineer Latifa Etemadi and Dr. Mohammad Anwar Sultan were also recruited as Assistant Professors in this department after completion of their studies in Soviet Union. After that, Engineer Mohammad Esmael Danish started working in this department. In 1970 Assistant Professor Nesar Ahmad Nesar and Assistant Professor Mohammad Anwar Shams were recruited after successfully completion of their studies. Then in 1972 Dr. Mohammad Rasul Omar, Dr. Ghulam  Rasul Rasuli joined after completion of their studies and then Associate Professor Dr. Faqir Mohammad Yaqubi and Engineer Mohammad Qasem were recruited .       

Kabul Polytechnic University, apart from the above-mentioned lecturers, Assistant Professor AbdurrahimRahimi, Assistant Professor Shah ZalmaiSolhdost, Assistant Professor Rahim Jan, Assistant Professor Juma Khan, Assistant Professor Abdul Jamil Saleem, Associate Professor Dr. AbdussatarKhelwati, Associate Professor RuqiaAnsar and Assistant Professor Massud has also worked in this department as lecturers.

This department was the strongest department of the Kabul Polytechnic University from the academic point of view as well as having professional lecturers in the past. And it has also had an important position in terms of academic works.

Hundreds of academic papers and articles, including text books, have been published by this department. Most of the articles of the members of this department have been published in international journals. The University’s library has been decorated with books written by the members of this department. 

Unfortunately, during the destructive wars, all belongings of the Physics department were lost and its equipped laboratories were damaged. The lectures were offered without the laboratory for a long time. Fortunately, in recent years, the laboratories have been renovated and currently, laboratories of the Mechanical Physics, Electrical and Magnetic Physics and Light Physics have been equipped and put at the disposal of the students for their practical works and experiments.

At a time, six professors and two Doctors had been teaching in this department. Currently, in Physics Department, Associate Professor Mohammad Dawood Ahmad Zai as head of the department, Associate Professor Roqia, Associate Professor Fatima, Associate Professor Ahmad Khan and Assistant Professor Mohammad Ali, Assistant Professor Ahmad Mustafa Ataee and Assistant Professor Akbar work as lecturers. Associate Professor Mohammad Zia Zahdi, one of the lecturers of this department has been sent abroad in order to pursue his Ph.D.