Foreign Languages Department:

Mahmood Usmanyar Biography in English Language


Name: Mahmood

Surname: Usmanyar

Job Title: EFL Instructor

Educational Degree: Master’s Degree

Scientific Rank: Assistant Professor

Date of Birth: 27/January/1986

Place of birth: Kabul, Afghanistan

Marital status: Married

Address: Kabul-Afghanistan                                                              

Contact: WhatsApp and Viber- 0093785924499




  1. Primary School: Peshawar Pakistan.
  2. Secondary School: Mirwais Hotak High School, Peshawar Pakistan.
  3. Bachelor’s Degree: Kabul Education University, Afghanistan. Department of Language and Literature.
  4. Master’s degree: The English and Foreign Languages University, India. Department of English Linguistics.


    • Diploma in Communicative Language Teaching and Teacher Training, from SIT Graduate Institute of the United State of America. 2020.


Work Experiences:

  1. EFL Instructor at Kabul Polytechnic University.
  2. EFL Instructor with the ACCESS Project of the Embassy of the USA in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  3. EFL Instructor at National Institute of Management and Administration (ACBSP Accredited of the United States of America).
  4. Education Program Manager at Solidarity Afghanistan Belgium (International NGO).
  5. Academic Member in the English Department of the Teacher Education Directorate, Ministry of Education, Kabul, Afghanistan.



  1. English
  2. Persian
  3. Pashto
  4. Urdu
  5. Basic Arabic


Papers published in International Journals: