Foreign Languages Department:

Kabul Polytechnic University Foreign Languages Department (formerly called the Russian Language Department), is one of the university’s general departments. This department was established in 1968 with the start of academic programs at the university. From the outset, foreigners had the responsibility of teaching in this department and since then, Russian has been taught as a foreign language. Recently, the English language, because of its importance, has been incorporated into the curriculums of this university.

The primary aim of teaching foreign languages in this department is to enable students to use rich resources that are available foreign languages.

  • Until 1984, all classes were taught by foreign teachers in this department.
  • Until 1988, classes were taught by foreign teachers with co-teaching by Afghan Instructors
  • From 1988 until now, Afghan teachers have taught in this department.
  • Until 1992, Associate Professor Sabiha Akef was the head of this department.

To meet the need for English language training, Junior Lecturer Mashal was appointed to the department in 2013 as an English language teacher. Later in 2014, seven professors were shifted to the Russian-language department of Shaheed Burhanuddin Rabbani University and Kabul University. Three professors have been additionally appointed from Foreign Langue’s Department to the Department of Professional Economics and History, Faculty of Environmental Engineering.

In total, until 2013, there was a total of 13 faculty members with different academic ranks. Some of these faculty members have also extensively contributed to the development and running of the department. The academic and professional activities of Assistant Professor Akbar Jan, Assistant Professor Khial Bibi, and Assistant Professor Sayeed Nasrudin Aini is much appreciated.

Currently, Assistant Professor Anisa Aslami, is the Acting Head of Foreign Languages Department. There are 9 teachers in this department (two Russian and five English Language instructors).