Higher Mathematics Department:

The advanced mathematics department was established in 1968 after the Polytechnic University was founded in 1963.

The goal behind this establishment was to equip the Afghan future engineers with advanced mathematics to solve their problems and also to modernize the mathematical methods and computational device (computer­) it is necessary to learn and acquire advanced contemporary mathematics.

So, the mathematic department has solved various problems as one of the Polytechnic University educational sections such as organization math training, preparing lesson math methods developing and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the education, carrying out lesson plans continuously, improving the teaching of math principles, increasing the level of academic board of mathematics and sustaining the basic methods and approaches and etc.

Up to 1988, this department has benefited from the scientific and guidance of Soviet Union teachers in developing the principle base of the department.

The activities of the Higher mathematics department were improved and the curriculum was devised based on lesson plans and met common methods of higher education institutes of the worldly the year 1983 to 1993.

The advanced mathematics was divided into the deferent section like math physics equations, the computational mathematics, operational computations, the circular triangulation, geometric deferential.

The numeral computations and etc. was concluded in curriculum program which is not only necessary for students but also it is vital for teachers and fortunately, the mathematics department has full filled it responsibility regarding this case.

The mathematics department has prepared and carried out more than 455 scientific and research based activities during the tears of experience and presented them in research and scientific magazines of the polytechnic, Kabul University and the science academy in foreign countries.

For the first time in Afghanistan, programming by computer languages was concluded in curriculum programs of the polytechnic university by the mathematics department.

Until 1993 academic staff of this department included more than 22 lecturers.

The advanced mathematics department has published 40 titles of textbooks and instruction manuals in native languages of the country.

Currently, the academic staff of this department includes 14 lecturers of various ranks.