The fifth round of master thesis defense Students of the Department of Geological Engineering and Exploration of the Geological Facility and Mines Exploration at the KPU

16 Feb, 2019

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Quran Majid and the broadcast of the national anthem, at the first Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar “ Chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic University, talked about Defending  Department of Geological Engine

Workshops on energy education at kpu

15 Feb, 2019

First, several verses from the of Quran Majid have been recited, then Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar “ Chancellor  of Kabul Polytechnic University talked about the value and importance of conducting such academic and academic workshops, And hoped for the outcome of the workshop.

Training Workshop Based on Educational Achievement

04 Feb, 2019

Training Workshop Based on Educational Achievement with subscription Professor Mohammad sayeed “ Kakar “  Chancellor of KPU, Professor Abdul Ahad “ Khaleqi “ KPU Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, heads of departments and professors, on behalf of qu