Signing a commitment between KPU and the Australian International Water Center at the ADB office

18 Jun, 2019

The Kabul Polytechnic University, in collaboration with the International Water and Griffith University of Australia, is due to establish a master's program in the field of integrated water resources management (IWRM) for 60 staff and engineers from the Ministry of Energy and Water

Visit of Ambassador of Kazakhstan from Polytechnic University of Kabul

15 May, 2019

The Kazakh ambassador and his colleague in Kabul visited the technical monetary university and met with the leadership of the University.

Introduction head of geology and minis Facility

12 May, 2019

First Profissor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakr’ Chancellor of  KPU  talked about  honest activities and services Last head of geology and minis Facility Professor Abdul Shokor “ Sahak” , and thanked him at the head of the Geology and minis faculty’s, and 

Introduction of Khaja Mohammad Anwar “Nouri” as Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs of Kabul Polytechnic University to Employees and Staff

14 Apr, 2019

The ceremony began with the recitation of verses of the Quran and the broadcast of the national anthem.then Professor Abdul Ahad Khaleqi “ Voice Chancellor Academic Affairs  of KPU Talked about Congratulations to the new vice president of financial and administrative affair