Announcement of Contract Award Decision


By virtue of Article 43, Paragraph 2 of the Procurement Law, Kabul Polytechnic University hereby announces to the public that it intends to award the contract for the project of painting the fifth and sixth blocks of Lailiha Dining Hall and revitalizing the parking lot for the year 1402, with tender number (MOHE/KPU/117/NCB), to the construction and logistics services company, Masih Bahir, located at Rahmân Bâbâ Street, District 3, Kabul, Afghanistan, at a total price of (AFN 1,844,485) one million, eight hundred forty-four thousand, four hundred eighty-five Afghanis.
Natural and legal persons who have any objections may submit their objections in writing, along with the reasons, to the President of Kabul Polytechnic University, located at the Office of the Fifth District, Kabul, Afghanistan, within seven calendar days from the date of this announcement, in accordance with the provisions of Article 50 of the Procurement Law.
This announcement does not constitute a contract agreement; however, upon completion of the aforementioned deadline and subsequent legal procedures, the contract will not be concluded.

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Contract Award Decision Announcement

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