Computer Engineering Department (CE) :

Department of Computer Engineering was founded in 2010. Since its beginning, Computer engineering emerged as an innovative and popular department due to its continuous efforts in providing better services, consistent academic activities, maintaining of close academic cooperation and integrity. Computer engineering department is committed to develop and provide standard curriculum, qualified academic staff, standard teaching and continuous academic researches for the interested students, youth and society. The scope and research area of computer engineering department include: modern and smart computer system and architecture, computer system engineering, embedded system design and engineering, design and management of computer network, mobile network and telecommunication system and robotics. The field of computer engineering principally is the design and fabrication of computer and computer based systems, which require the study of hardware, software, interfacing, connection and communication between.


Department of Computer engineering is eager to promote the Kabul Polytechnic University to one of the top ranking university in the region with its continuous and wide academic work and research activities. No doubt, the achievement of this vision necessitate diligence and continuous academic efforts. This efforts require cooperation and coloration of government, alumnus, industries, faculties and universities.

Computer engineering aims to become a significant and recognized resource in computer engineering researches. This means, the computer engineering graduates successful alumnus, its researches are novel and eventually the computer engineering is the intellectual center of whole engineering field.


The mission of computer engineering department is to prepare the youth with the valuable and productive professional life, as a pioneer in engineering field, and bring significant improvement in modern science and computer engineering education with the pursuit of scientific research and academic activities.

The mission of computer engineering department is to equip the student with skills in research methodology, knowledge production, information technology development and innovation for the purpose of having successful career and life time learning.

Department of computer engineering aims to maintain and enhance the technical engineering knowledge in the community through distribution of research services, human resource capacity development, production and publication of knowledge, emphasizing the utilization of information technology resources.

In more particular and brief:

-        Educating and training the student with high standard in computer engineering field and preparing them for both professional career and advanced studies

-        Creation and publication of knowledge through basic and applied research in computer engineering scope

-        Providing services as the resource of experience and specialty in both country and regional level


-        Supporting and developing a better quality education in undergraduate level

-        Starting graduate degree program, recruitment of more staff and supporting researches

-        Strengthening innovative researches in community, increasing the volume of academic research activities and increasing the research resources.

-        Creating the student centric atmosphere, create better incentive for learning community (teachers and students)

-        Continuous assessment and revise of curriculum in undergraduate level to address and adapt the technology change in the community and world.

-        Constantly developing and improving the methods, approaches, reinforcing the faculty and staff, which are the main assets of computer engineering department


-        Computer engineering department is pioneer in engineering field

-        Computer engineering curriculum is a well-recognized curriculum in the country

-        Scientific research, academic activities, good moral among teachers and students were the reasons for obtaining the top position in embedded systems, robotics, simulation, graphics, smart systems, and computer network and telecommunication systems.

-        Computer engineering department provides better education for students with different background

-        The impression and moral of cooperation in computer engineering department causes our graduate to be easily attracted by job market

-        Computer engineering department has the highly recognized academic staff in country

-        Academic staff, technical staff and students have entrepreneurship incentive and moral

-        Computer engineering department values its student successes, life-time learning, research, knowledge production and innovation, and institutionalizing the creativity and innovation.

-        Computer engineering department values ethical and intellectual standards

-        Computer engineering department values wide access of education and various skills

-        Computer engineering department values having the contribution in economic growth of country

-        Computer engineering department values the preservation of human dignity, honor in order to achieve the satisfaction of professors, students and technical and administrative staff

-        Computer engineering department values the rule of law and justice emphasizing the professional ethics, responsibility, proper accountability and meritocracy

Main Topics of Compute Engineering Field

-        Computer Architecture

-        Computer System Engineering

-        Circuits, Signals and Systems

-        Data Structure and Algorithms

-        Logic Design

-        Database Management System

-        Digital Signal Processing

-        Electronics

-        Embedded Systems

-        Human Computer Interaction

-        Computer Networks

-        Telecommunications and Mobile Networks

-        Operating Systems

-        Social and Professional Issues

-        Software Engineering

-        VLSI Design and Fabrication

-        Discrete Structures

Computer Engineering Academic Staff:

Qualification                                                                                                                         Title/Name

MSc, Brightone University, Britain                                                                                                                              Meer. Azizullah Rahmati

MSc, Ankara University, Turkey                                                                                                                                     Gh. Sakhi Shokouh

MSc, Technical University of Berlin, Germany                                                                                                                Pazir Ahmad Muslim

MSc, Ankara University, Turkey                                                                                                                                      Zabihullah Danesh

PhD Student in Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey                                                                                                   Abdul Kabir Eimaq

MSc, Technical University of Berlin, Germany                                                                                                                 Bismillah Husaini

MSc Student in Technical University of Berlin, Germany                                                                                   Sayed Mohammad Ali Murtazawi

 MSc Student in Technical University of Berlin, Germany                                                                                                 Habiba Amed

MSc in Electrical Engineering, BUET University, Bangladesh                                                                                           M. Walid Sami

MSc, Technical University of Berlin, Germany                                                                                                          Mohammad Mustafa Naier