For the first time, the Ministry of Interior Affairs held a scientific conference under the examination of social and fundamental factors and fields of social harm and its consequences for crimes in Kabul city, the Ministry of Interior has held a scientific conference under the examination of social injuries affecting crimes in Kabul city It says:

1. Damages of the urban and urban margin of Kabul (how urban development, margins, apartments, indigenous population, urban population, internal displaced population and return to homeland)

2. Social harms of cultural invasion for Kabul urban society (internet crimes, moral, social deviations in virtual space and satellite networks, internet games, video media publications content, cultures and cultural compromise)

3. Approaches to the prevention and control of social harm (family, academic centers, religious centers, civil activities, urban and rural lifestyle, mosques religious sermon, social skills, social capital, employment, sports, leisure time, supervision Official and unofficial hai)

4. Social and psychological health injuries (with emphasis on the negative impact of several-year wars, identity crisis, violence against women, administrative corruption, false jobs, begging, children's work on the street, city-level wall announcements)

5. Social injuries caused by drugs (with emphasis on the fields of maintenance and sale of drugs, drug addiction of youth - adolescents and adults, drug sales sites, time of selling and supplying drugs, use and promotion of drugs in Schools and universities / universities and other educational centers)

6. Family injuries (couples relationships, marriage practices, education and children's practices, home escape, underage marriages, forced marriages, family violence and divorce)

7. Access to urban services (public transportation, amusement parks, cinema and cultural centers, sports sites, health drinking water, public urban electricity)

8. Pathology caused by social tissue in Kabul city (Housing messages based on ethnicity, language and religion....)

All researchers, scientists and enthusiasts are requested to share their research-scientific findings in the article format until 15th of 1399 via email address

Received research has been evaluated by the referees committee and for some of the investigations that are confirmed by the referees, material and spiritual awards have been awarded, and the results have been presented during the two days of the conference in the last week of the month of 1400 Strategic documents, policies and training centers of the National Police and the Ministry of Interior Affairs will be used. All the research received is still published in the seminar articles collection book.

Note: Respected fans can get the designated research structure for the conference from this address (

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