Students of Kabul Polytechnic University visited the historical sites of the country

15 Oct, 2019

Students of Urban Planning and Architecture Departments the Kabul Polytechnic University visited the historical sites of the country, for hands-on experience in the themes of engineering history and preserving historical abilities, Visit the Paghman Palace and the process of reconstruction of the

Earthquake Safety Training Program in Kabul Polytechnic University

11 Oct, 2019

Training program under the name of Earthquake Risk Immunity was organized by the Aga Khan Institute for Accommodation at the conference hall of this university for professors and staff of Kabul Polytechnic University!

Graduation of Forty-seventh Students of Kabul Polytechnic University

24 Sep, 2019

Kabul Polytechnic University is proud Graduation of Forty-seventh Students Dedicated to the community 729 young engineers in 19 specialized engineering disciplines.

Third Round of ACM Programming Tournament Held in Kabul Polytechnic University

21 Sep, 2019

In partnership Kateb University, And with the presence of the professors, , And subscription 30 Student Programming Team, of Kabul Polytechnic  universities, Kateb University, Kabul University, Ibn Sina University, Kardan University, Khatam al-Nabi