About Water Supply and Environmental Engineering Department:

Water Supply and Environmental Engineering Department based on market demand, according to the request of the Ministry of Urban Development, culture and vigor strengthen the national economy within the construction faculty of Kabul Polytechnic University was founded in 2004.

Notably, the Faculty of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering based on the request of society and the labor market was established in 2013. At the moment, department of water supply and environmental engineering is active within the frame of this Faculty.

At the begging the department of water supply and environmental engineering had three instructors, now the number of professors and instructors in this department reach to 9 persons.

Here and now the department is totally independent and the number of students from first grade to fourth reaches about 250.

Since 2009 the department of water supply and environmental engineering follows credit system, the first part of the study for four years, eight semesters which touch 173 of credits.

Mission Statement:

To offer high-quality professional services for all compatriots who are eligible for the academic treasury. Teach, the national research project to develop leadership, counseling prospective students to the scientific community, industry and social and cultural spheres of national, regional, and international expansion and development of the country.

Vision Statement:

Create dynamic and creative learning environment and teaching students, researchers and entrepreneurs committed and professional, maintain and develop this scientific focus and increase the share of science at the national, regional and international levels in accordance with the standard academic criteria.

Program Objectives:

At the end of the program, graduates will be able to do the followings:

  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals to well-defined engineering procedures and practices;
  2. Analyses well-defined engineering problems in their discipline with respect to operation and maintenance, including troubleshooting;
  3. Conduct investigations and assist in the design of solutions for engineering systems;
  4. apply appropriate techniques, resources, and engineering tools to well-defined engineering activities, with an awareness of the limitations;
  5. Demonstrate an awareness of and consideration for societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and their consequent responsibilities;
  6. Communicate effectively with the engineering community and society at large;
  7. Function effectively in a diverse technical team;
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics, responsibilities, and norms of engineering practices;
  9. Demonstrate an awareness of management, business practices, and entrepreneurship;
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of engineering practices, taking into account the need for sustainable development;
  11. Recognize the need for professional development and to engage in independent and life-long learning.

Department of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering has the close relation with the Research Center of Germany (GFZ), which a Memorandum of Understanding between (GFZ) and Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU) have been signed.

This department is trying to lay the groundwork to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between German-Qazagh University and KPU, in order to increase the academic capacity of faculty, staff, and students. In addition, the Department has most of its stakeholders in connection with their ideas and expectations to improve the program curricula.

Research Works:

Currently, theoretical researchers are get done in this department. But unfortunately, experimental researchers are not conducted due to lack of laboratory research equipment and tools. The department members seek to solve this shortcoming with university authorities together.

The department is eager to cooperate with national and international authorities and organizations to conduct and implement research works and projects to enhance their academic capacity. But should not be left unsaid, the department has implemented a number of projects in the field of environmental activities.

The list will be shared later.

Facilities and Lab:

This department is equipped whit lecture rooms for teaching which stage, podium, whiteboard, projector, and chairs for students are included. Moreover; diploma project workplace and group work classes are also available for students.

Currently, the department has a laboratory of water analysis which by removing some of the existing shortcomings in cooperation with authorities will be activated.

Faculty Background:

  • Professor Dr. Mohammad Qasim Seddiqy
  • Associate Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim
  • Associate Prof. Zabiullah Payman
  • Associate Prof. Hamidullah Hemat
  • Associate Prof. Ahmad Wahid Sekandari
  • Associate Prof. Mohammad Shafiq Seddiqy
  • Associate Prof. Ali Reza Noori
  • Associate Prof. Fawad Ahmad Rahyab
  • Assistant Prof. Abasin Hadaee

Contact Us:

Room No. 24, Second Floor, Block No. 6, KPU, Bagh bala Road, District No. 5

Email: wsee.2004@kpu.edu.af

Cell: +93 700055834