Water Resource and Environmental Engineering:

The importance of getting knowledge related to the Water Resources and the Environment as one of the branches of the natural sciences is rooted in the unlimited and ever increasing need of humanity for water and due to its increase of consumption, which itself has created irreparable risks over Water Resources. It is necessary to strengthen the water sector in a country that involves sustainable development, which results in the well-being and livelihood of the people of that society. According to this principle, the leadership of the Kabul Polytechnic University has created this faculty in its own frame in 2014, in line with the policy and development plans of the Kabul Polytechnic University's Leadership Board, and endorsement by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the development of the higher education sector and Professional and training of scientific and technical cadres in the country to provide expert cadres according to the needs of the country to the community.

At the Faculty of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, there are currently two graduate departments (Hydraulics & Hydraulic Structures and Water Supply and Environmental Engineering Departments) and a General Department of Economics and History. Although there are a total of five departments in the establishment of the Faculty, there are two departments that are called the Department of Irrigation Structures Engineering that will be a graduate department and other is a general Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology, that will teach hydraulics and hydrology for all departments of university, But in spite of the lack of classrooms and facilities, we could not start the activities of these two departments, and we are confident that if we get the solution to this problem, we will enable these departments at our earliest.


  1. About Water Supply and Environmental Engineering Department:
  2. Hydraulics and Hydro-technical Structures Department:

General Department:

  1. Filamentary economic and History Department:


Educational goals:

Water Resource and Environmental Engineering faculty with its experienced professors and extensive facilities is ready to meet the needs of the community, for its scientific teaching and research activities and is obliged to continue the same services for the future. Our mission is to strive to successfully complete the curriculum and promote academic and academic activities in a society in need of education and technical staff in water sector of the country.

The Faculty of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering is committed to pursuing the following goals in education and training:

Transfer and analysis of knowledge and skills in the sectors of Engineering and Water Resources structures and environment for the economic growth, national well-being and self-sufficient of the students.

To meet the needs of specialized Engineers in Engineering and water resource structures for the community and the labor market at the national and international levels.

Improving the ability of national and international scientific research to contribute towards the growth and development of the water sector in order to enhance the national economy.

Facilitate and improve faculty and faculty staff to provide advanced scientific research on the challenges and problems of the water sector in the country.

The involvement of professors, staff, and students in enhancing technical work in the Engineering sector of water resources at the national and international levels.

Further emphasis on postgraduate education (doctors) for young lecturers.

Equipping and modernizing classrooms equipped with contemporary technology and international standards,

Review and moderating curriculum in each year for both bachelor's and master's degrees.

Standardizing the curricula and syllabi for the Master's Program of Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures department for getting Accreditation Internationally, in collaboration with cooperative University of Nebraska, USA,

Equip the laboratories of graduate departments with modern equipment.

The continuous implementation of the self-assessment policy and the assessment of the quality of teaching in all departments and faculty.

Implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Faculty.

Encouraging professors to write and compile books and research works and prepare scientific articles and attend at the annual scientific conferences of professors.

Creating a suitable environment for teaching and preventing all kinds of prejudices (political, linguistic, ethnic, and religious).

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Activities of the Faculty of Water Resource and Environmental Engineering of Kabul Polytechnic University

  1. Training of scientific cadres and Engineers in different parts of the country's water resources and environment for the relevant agencies that have the ability to design, survey, preliminary studies, technical and economic evaluation and the monitoring of Water Resources Engineering projects.
  2. Compilation and translation of textbooks in various parts of the water resources and environmental Engineering.
  3. Submission of scientific research papers in the engineering and engineering sectors of water resources and the environment in the country.
  4. Conducting research in various sectors of the water resources and environment
  5. Having active relations with the ministries, national and international institutions and organizations.
  6. Design, survey, preliminary studies, technical and economic evaluation and monitoring of projects related to the water resources and environmental Engineering.
  7. Hydrological studies of large water and environmental projects

Strategic Plan of Water Resource and Environmental Engineering faculty of Kabul Polytechnic University Preface:

The Faculty of Water Resource and Environmental Engineering of Kabul Polytechnic University has provided a clear strategic plan for the development of the faculty and its relevant departments, which we hope will improve the teaching system, enhance and specialize the level of knowledge, and achieve ourselves confidences.

Objectives of faculty:

  1. The main objective of this faculty is to: develop and adapt curriculum with regional and international criteria, develop a workforce equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary for the growth of the country's economy, the creation of facilities for standardized education and scientific research, The implementation of the credit system as an advanced educational system, an accurate assessment of the activities of the faculty members of the faculty, including assessment of the teaching, research and delivery of scientific-technical services, and the establishment of cooperation between the higher, domestic, regional and international institutions.
  2. Goals:
  1. Providing high-quality education and training of young cadres with professional Engineering knowledge of national and international standards.
  2. Contemporizing of curricula and syllabi in accordance with national and international standards
  3. Strengthening the spirit of patriotism and doing services free from any kind of ethnic, national, linguistic and other prejudices.
  4. To increase the capacity of the academic staff of departments
  5. The application of new teaching techniques and methodologies
  6. Completing the equipment of the laboratories for both the professional and public departments.
  7. Completing the members of the academic staff based on the needs
  8. Feasibility study, design, implementation and research of water resource engineering projects
  9. Searching for contributing organs to meet the goals of our strategic plan
  10. Increasing the research work of the academic staff
  11. Establishing a Faculty Database and Collaboration to complete the university website
  12. Establishing of self-assessment and an assessment process for academic, administrative, and teaching levels of the faculty
  13. Creating e-learning systems
  14. Teaching based on objectives and student-centered learning systems
  15. Establishing new disciplines in accordance with the national benefits of the country
  16. Establishing of libraries at Department and Faculty levels
  17. Struggling for achieving financial independence of the university
  18. Focuses on the training and building the capacities of technicians of the departments.


Pro.Mohammad Anwar " Safi "

Deplom Said Hafizullah " Sultan "

Wahidullah Hakim Safi​,Designation: Assistant Prof.,Department of Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures

Qualifications: B. Sc in Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures, Kabul Polytechnic University, M. Tech in Hydropower Engineering, MANIT, Bhopal, India

Publications: Four Journal papers and one Conference paper

Specialization: Hydropower, Hydraulics& Hydraulic Structures, Water Resources,Email:  w.hakim.safi@kpu.edu.af,Mobile: (+93)786 850 217.

Ahmad Wahid " Sekandari "

Assistant Professor Rohullah Malikzooi, Lecturer at Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Faculty

 Educations: BSc at Hydraulic Structures from Kabul Polytechnic University, MSc at Hydraulic Structures from Kabul Polytechnic University

 Publication: MSc Thesis and one Research article, Contact: +93 795 600 180, rohullah.malikzooi@kpu.edu.af.


Assistant Professor Abdul Baqi Ahady, Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Faculty

 Educational Background:, Master degree in Water Resources Engineering from Kabul Polytechnic University, 2015;,  B.Sc. degree from Hydraulics & Hydraulic Structures department of Kabul Polytechnic University, 2012;

Publications: , Investigation plan for solving drinking water problems in Kabul city, (Article); , Comparison of irrigation requirement for wheat by theoretical and computer-based methods, (Article); Increment in the population of Kabul and its impact on groundwater reserves, (Article); Evaluation of Irrigation Network Development Facilities in Shakordar District, Kabul Province, (Research Paper);, Modernization and optimization of Nejrab Irrigation system to increase cropland area and water productivity (Master thesis), Hydraulics (Chapter);

Research Area: Irrigation & Drainage, Hydrology and Hydraulics;, Contact: baqi.ahady@kpu.edu.af, +93789204088.

Samiullah " Patyal "