Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics is a General Studies Department of Engineering. This department was established in1968 as one of the Civil Engineering Faculty Departments. In 1981 when the Faculty of Electro- Mechanics was established, this department was included in its formation. From its early establishment this department has had about 4 to 15 academic staffs and in most critical conditions they have taught modules such as structural mechanics, Theoretical Mechanics, Strength of Material, Theory of Machine Mechanism, and Applied Mechanics to the students of various faculties such as Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Electro-mechanics, and Faculty of Geology and Mines.

Currently, this department has 8 academic staffs; Associated Professor Abdul Mateen Tamim, Associated Professor Mohammad Arif Yousofi, Associated Professor Said Naveed Ziwari, Associated Professor Shamsul Haq Kashifi, Assistant Professor Said Ajmal Dashti, Assistant Professor Rohullah Jamal, Assistant Mohammad Waris, and Assistant Professor.  The instructors of this department teach the fundamental technical modules to students of all eight faculties in KPU.

Our syllabuses have been reviewed and updated to match UNESCO and world’s leading countries programs. The modules of this department are taught based on credit hour system and include lectures, practice, lab works and computational and graphical works. The instructors prepare lecture notes, coursework materials, instruction manuals, and publish textbooks for their related modules.

The instructors of this department have been actively participating in academic seminars and conferences, where they read their articles and share their researches. They have published many articles in Science and Technology Journal of KPU.