Open pit Mining and Engineering Department :

 Mining engineering department is as a basic element in mining industry in the country, which founded in 1970 for producing expertise in exploitation of mines and processing of raw materials.This department presents engineers in open pit and underground mining of layer mines (coal), black metals, color metals, rare metals noble metals, precious, semi-precious, construction and decorative stones to the society for more services and increasing the national economic of the country.Since the establishment of department, this department produced 702 engineers in bachelor degree, 350 engineers in master degree and 3 expertise's in PhD.

Presently 2 doctors, 2 master and 9 bachelors are busy to move forward the lecturing process in this department.

Based on proposed and needs of open pit and Mining engineering department this department divided in to two separated departments, underground mining engineering department and open pit mining engineering department in 2012.

After separation of open pit and mining engineering department from underground department the Educational plan and programs reviewed regularly and the deferent practical works done in open pit mining engineering department. The new educational plans prepared according mining industries and requirement of mining engineers in open pit mining.

As per educational plan, the students seek general theory, technical and proprietary subjects during semesters and their practical works in productive companies in the country.

Graduated engineers from this department works practical in different mining fields like planning of open pit and underground mines, ventilation, transportation, tunnel development, drilling and blasting affairs and etc.

As we know Kabul polytechnic University produces a huge number of expertise and engineers in different engineering fields from its founded time up to now, which is very sensible and have much more importance in all government, non-government organizations and all infrastructure projects in the country, Therefor for an excellent management and plan which has visions, responsibilities, goals, objectives and the other codified programs with more flexibility  is need for more improving and development of this educational center.

Since the beginning of independent work of this department, for the first time 43 students has been absorbed to this department and right now they are engaged  on pursuing their lessons in third class.

It is necessary to mention that the open pit and mining engineering department planning to start master program with the help of underground department jointly.

Presently 2 masters, and 2 bachelor’s teachers are pursing the lecturing program in this department whose names are as follow.

  1. Professor Abdul Hadi Wahedi
  2. Assistant professor Mohammad Tamim Ahmadi
  3. Assistant professor Naseer Ahmad Sultani
  4. Assistant professor Amanullah Zahid