Workshops on energy education at kpu

15 Feb, 2019

First, several verses from the of Quran Majid have been recited, then Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar “ Chancellor  of Kabul Polytechnic University talked about the value and importance of conducting such academic and academic workshops, And hoped for the outcome of the workshop.

 Mohammad Gul “ Kholmy “ Minister of Energy and Water, Expressed its satisfaction with the establishment of a renewable energy department at the Kabul Polytechnic University, and also said its considered it a vital necessity in the country.

Subsequently Amanullah “ Ghaleb “ Chairman of  Breshna company  Corporation appreciated the establishment of the workshop, And training engineers in solar and wind energy departments at Kabul Polytechnic University, And said it was very necessary 

 Dr Najibullah “ khowaja omary “ Minister of Higher Education talked about sectoral agencies and training of efficient cadres according to modern technology at universities, And the creation of new energy fields in the universities of the country, and especially optimistic at the Kabul Polytechnic University. 

Engineer Ali “ Maher “representative of the Institute GIZ, Provide information about the presentation, in the same field Ghanizadah Advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Water on Afghanistan talked about that.

 Also sweeta “ sakhy coordinator of the Breshna Company provided the presentations to the attendees.


In the end of workshop Professor Abdul Ahad “ Khaleqi “ Kabul Polytechnic University academic affairs,  about  the subject of discussion the workshop was summarized and its results were evaluated positively. 

It is worth noting that the workshop opinion on the fields of electricity On behalf of the institution GIZ, Kabul Municipality, Ministry of Urban Development and Land,
Ministry of Energy and Water, Breshna Co., Rural Rehabilitation and Development ACCI Institute of the High Office of the Environment In cooperation with Germany and the Kabul Polytechnic University For one day Was held .