Visit of Ambassador of Kazakhstan from Polytechnic University of Kabul

15 May, 2019

The Kazakh ambassador and his colleague in Kabul visited the technical monetary university and met with the leadership of the University.

In this circle first Professor Mohammad Sayeed “Kakar “Chancellor of KPU talked about the history and recent achievements of the University and meanwhile, they demanded the full cooperation of Kazakhstan in the field of Scientific and technical with this university.

Then, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan thanked his colleague for cooperation with country in the fields of science and bilateral relations of with ministries of higher education and reminded us of the necessary cooperation in the field of science and technology with the university.

At this meeting Professor Abdul Ahad “ Khaleqi “ Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs , Deplume Engineer Mohammad Zia “ Sana “ Vice Chancellor Students Affairs, Presidents of the faculties and a number of faculty members were also present.

In the end, the ambassador and their accompanying saw the teaching departments of the university labs.