Training Workshop Based on Educational Achievement

04 Feb, 2019

Training Workshop Based on Educational Achievement with subscription Professor Mohammad sayeed “ Kakar “  Chancellor of KPU, Professor Abdul Ahad “ Khaleqi “ KPU Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, heads of departments and professors, on behalf of quality assurance and was started in partnership with the Higher Education Extension Program (HEDP).

First Professor Abdul Ahad “ Khaleqi “ Kabul Polytechnic University Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs about importance, necessity, and the educational benefits of teaching and addressing existing educational problems and bringing positive changes in teaching methods at the university.

Then Ahmad Wahid “ skandari “ , and Mohammad Younus “ Wafa “ , to give information From the experience of teaching abroad,  the positive results were presented to the workshop.


 The training workshop continues  ten days and for the participants, the certificate will be donated on the last day.