Seminar of upgrade quality

14 Jul, 2019

Seminar of upgrade quality with subscription leadership Boards, the heads of the eight faculties, heads of departments and professors  was held at Kabul Polytechnic University.

At first the Qur'an was recited, then Professor Abdul Ahad “ Khlaeqi” Kabul Polytechnic University, Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs talked about understanding the need for improving the quality of the curriculum and the current problems and how they can improve the quality and validation of the university, identify shortcomings and shortcomings, and provide comprehensive and detailed explanations.

Then Professor Mohammad Anwar “ Saraj” , Dr Amanullah “ Faqeri” and Mohammad Ameen “ Ameen” "members of the Ministry of Higher Education Quality Assurance Board and the KPU professors have spoken about the agenda. and outlined the criteria for improving quality and validation for the seminar participants and answered for questions .