Opening Ceremony (ELTAA) at the Department of Foreign Languages of PKU

30 Oct, 2017

On Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017, a new ELTAA Chapter was opened in Polytechnic University. The opening ceremony was started at 11: oo a.m. in Foreign Languages Department of the University. The participant were Abdul Ahad Khaliqi the Academic  Director, Sayed Mujtaba Eshan zadah the student’s Director , Mohammad Amin Amin the Assisstant Director of Electro-mechanic Faculty, Mursal Balkhi the general manager of gender department, Nilofar Hashmi  the head of quality assurance and Anisa Aslami Head of Foreign Language Department.

The ceremony was started by introducing the participants and the president of ELTAAlAILA Nadir provides enough information about ELTAA and its achievements and goals.

Then, the chapter was opened formally by cutting the ribbon. Everyone was so optimistic on the future and having effective outcomes through having ELTAA’s coordination.

Lastly, it was decided to provide a seminar for female teachers or staffs of the Polytechnic University on “why most of the females are not interested to join workshops or seminars” soon.

Providing ESP materials is one of the essential points that ELTAA will work on it with the English instructors.