Meeting of National Center for Water and Environment Research of Afghanistan

24 Nov, 2019

Responsible of the National Center for Water and Environment Research of Afghanistan on signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Asian Youth Center, the activities of the students whose articles have been approved, arranging the proposals in various sections, hiring the Executive Board of the Center, setting up and further enhancing the Center in its field of activity. Reported.

Subsequently, Professor Mohammad Sayeed “Kakar” Chancellor  of  Kabul Polytechnic University, discussed the efforts and efforts of the university to establish a National Center for Water and Environmental Research, and to propose to oversee a number of organizational units at the meeting to support and further its activities.

One of the professors Zormati on Proposal, Hydrographic Surveying of Qargha Using Contemporary Technology the modernization of the survey presented its presentation, which was approved by the presents.

Also responsible for the Central Asian Youth Network Mohamad Najim “ Nasimi”  talked about the center's winter programs, such as teaching the research process, supporting research projects, how to prepare and arrange articles for students.

In addition to their scientific and academic talks during the House of Commons, Professor Eqrar  emphasized the importance of recruiting and recruiting young students in research departments.