Graduates of Computer Science & Geometics and Cadaster Faculty’s at KPU

05 Jan, 2019

Celebration Started with the recitation of the Qur'an and broadcasting the national anthem.


 Then Professor Abdul Ahad “ Khaleqi “ the Kabul Polytechnic University Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Congratulated engineers on their graduation and their families, and Thanked the professors for their attention and efforts in educating students, he wished the engineers use their scientific and technical resources efficiently and serve human beings in their own right.

Then Professor Mirza Mohammad “ Mirza Head of the Computer Science Faculty At first glance, welcomed the guests to the Eighth round of students' graduation and Congratulated them and their families, Recall the achievements and facilities in this faculty They asked the authorities to cooperate with the faculty and staff of this faculty.

Also Professor Shah Wali “ Sargand “Head of the Faculty of Geomatic  and Cadaster, graduated The first round of the faculty their Congratulations About functions and technical and scientific findings. Faculty of Geomatics and Cadaster provided detailed information and explanations and their families.

Then Mohammad Zia “ Sana “Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs, congratulated the engineers and said that every Engineer  should help with our people from today on words.