The fifth round of master thesis defense Students of the Department of Geological Engineering and Exploration of the Geological Facility and Mines Exploration at the KPU

16 Feb, 2019

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Quran Majid and the broadcast of the national anthem, at the first Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar “ Chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic University, talked about Defending  Department of Geological Engineering and Exploration of Mines, Congratulations to their graduates and their families. and thanked the professors in teaching the master's degree. and announced the preparation of the  labs in the near future.

Also professor Abdul Ahad “ Khaleqi “ Kabul Polytechnic University Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, thanked and appreciate the presence of the guests in the circle, congratulated for engineers and their family and wished them success.

In this round, twenty-seven engineers defended their master's degrees.