Defense Contest 6th Master's Degree Department of Industrial and Municipal Buildings Faculty of Constriction

11 Mar, 2019

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, and the broadcast of the national anthem, then Professor Mohammad Sayeed “Kakar” Chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic University Congratulations to the engineers on their families, and Assured the creation of a self-sufficient community for the teaching of a master and PHD degree at the university.

Also Professor Raz Mohammad “ Azizi “ head of construction Faculty and  head of the Engineer's Defense Tests Assessment Committee presented information about the background of the Master's Degree and PHD Degree.


At this Party Deputy Ministry of Urban Development and Lands, Professor Abdul Ahad “Khaleqi” Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, some lecturers and guests were attended.


In this round “ 28 “ Engineers defended.