History of Construction Faculty :

Introduction of Construction Faculty

Construction Faculty of Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU) was established back in March of 1979 and currently has the following four professional and two general departments:

  1.   Professional Departments
  2.   Civil & Industrial Constructions Department (CIC)
  3.   Architecture Department (AR)
  4.   Building Construction Management Department (BCM)
  5.   Urban Development Department (UD)
  6.   General Subjects Departments
  7.   Technical Drawing and Descriptive Geometry Department
  8.   Islamic Culture Department

The Construction Faculty since its establishment in 1979 up to 1995 had offered a graduate degree program and then due to the civil war in the country which made some of the lecturers at this university to flee the war zone where KPU was located and also the damage to the University buildings caused disruption to the educational program at this University. Therefore, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) at that time decided to substitute the graduate program to under graduate program in 1995 where the first batch of undergraduate students completed their study program in 2000. As of establishment of Construction Faculty to date, more than 2000 graduate and undergraduate talented engineers have been graduated from CIC and AR departments. Currently, the Construction Faculty has a total of 572 undergraduate students including 43 female and 529 male students studying in its four professional departments.

Luckily, the Construction Faculty has reestablished its master degree program after a long halt in 2012; it’s a night shift study program at Civil & Industrial Construction department. As the master program reestablishment to date a total number of 99 students have been admitted to the program from which 54 students are currently studying in this program and the rest 45 students are graduated. It is, as per master program requirements, a two academic years or four semesters full time program. All the requirements of the program are administrated by master program board. The construction faculty annually receives about 30 graduate and 140 undergraduate students in its departments. 

 The graduate and undergraduate degree plan of Construction Faculty at KPU is being taught by 44 professors with different academic ranks including professor, associate professor, assistant professor and lecturers. Out of 44 professors 26 professors are with graduate M.Sc. degrees and others are with undergraduate B.Sc. degrees. It is worth mentioning that amongst 44 professors 5 are female instructors who contribute the construction Faculty of KPU in terms of teaching the undergraduate students.

The students who graduated from this academic institute i.e. Construction Faculty of KPU serve the Afghanistan in different fields. They contribute to different governmental and nongovernmental productive establishments in terms scholarly consultation and offering various designs for construction and reconstruction projects in the country.

Developments of Construction Faculty between 2002 and 2017

Since establishment to date, Construction Faculty has had many considerable achievements. In addition to enforcing rule and regulations of Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) in Construction Faculty to maintain regularity and discipline and providing opportunities for capacity building, procedures sanctioned for construction Faculty, academic session of Construction Faculty and academic session of university and all the executors affairs are carried out as per these procedures. Until 2001, the construction Faculty had four professional departments namely: Civil and Industrial Construction (CIC), Architecture (AR), Hydraulic structures (HS), and Transportation Engineering (TE). However, endeavors of professors and dean ship of university have been resulted in following achievements so far;

  • 1.      Establishing of Water Supply and environmental engineering Department in 2005
  • 2.      Establishing of Building Construction Department in 2011 under Construction faculty
  • 3.      Establishing of Urban Planning Department in 2013 under Construction faculty
  • 4.      Establishing of Transportation Engineering Faculty in 2015 with Transportation Engineering and Railway Engineering departments.
  • 5.      Establishing of Water Resource Faculty in 2014 with Hydraulic Structures and water supply & Environmental Engineering departments.
  • 6.      Reconstruction of laboratories of Construction Faculty departments.
  • 7.      Furnish and Equip of the CIC and TE departments laboratories.