Engineering geology and hydrogeology Department 

Engineering geology and hydrogeology has been studied as a subject for different field of civil engineering faculty sense establishment of Kabul Polytechnic University. The demand for establishment of this department is felt many years ago, but lack of equipment and material, as well past decades of civil war has forbidden to establish this department.

The engineering geology and hydrogeology subject has taught before in the frame of geological engineering and exploration of mines department. The establishment of engineering geology and hydrogeology has approved in the session of geological engineering and exploration of mines professors on 14.10.1392 with protocol number 79. Base on Kabul Polytechnic University proposal number 40, date 11.04.1393 and approval of academic affairs and cohesion department of MoHE, and proposal number 638 date 12.05.1393 head of legislation and organization development of academic development department, general academic affairs and cohesion department of MoHE, under judgment or decree number (2999/2173) date 18.05.1393 ministry of higher education, the department of engineering geology and hydrogeology is established.

Because this department is newly established, so it doesn’t have enough classrooms and laboratory equipment and other material.

In the future, according to department’s objectives and responsibilities, department recruits young teachers and other high level educated professors to conduct the academic activities like compilation and translation of books, and other researches.

At the time department have six lecturers including two teaching assistants and demands to recruit more lecturers.      

 The department’s responsibility:

Major responsibilities of the engineering geology and hydrogeology are training of young and skilled engineers according to country’s demand and bazar needs among to geotechnical investigation for different types of engineering buildings. Although, training of expert engineers in the field of Hydrogeology to investigate underground water for drinking propose. In addition the problems of underground water caused on different types of residential buildings is also a responsibility to train in this field.

3. The importance for establishment of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology Department:

Recently none of engineering building are acceptable without geotechnical investigation. Without consideration of geotechnical investigation the foundation design of different type of buildings including (residential and industrial buildings, high ways, rail ways, dames, airports, and other engineering buildings) could not be done properly. Even though, by the need and importance of this kind of investigations there were not established a department in this field before 2013 to train especial experts and engineers in the engineering geology and hydrogeology section.

According to above problems it is necessity to:

  • Development of a major department in the field of engineering geology and hydrogeology in the frame of geology and mine faculty to obtain all over country’s need.
  • Academic and scientific level of studies should meet recently requirements.
  •  Capacity building of department’s teachers and members according to new technologies.
  • The national interest should be considered in order to higher education growth and quality.
  • The exact way to academic discipline should be considered. 

 Scopes of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology Department:

  • Standardizing the department according to the needs and requirements all over the country;
  • Develop standard curriculum to improve the quality of teaching;
  • Providing standard syllabus and trying to implement them in a possible way;
  • Better preparing of  the implementation methods of ministry of higher education development program;
  • Train qualified Engineers in engineering geology and hydrogeology fields;
  • Recruitment qualified persons with higher grade of education (masters and doctors) and try to improve the education level of remaining qualified members;
  • Teaching standardly according to the standardized curriculum and using advanced equipment and tools;
  • Serious working on providing teaching books and materials into national languages, promote the culture of standard research and attract the attention of organizations to help us in providing and improving teaching equipment;
  • Trying to provide field laboratory by helping authorities and abroad countries.


The main challenges in of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology Department:

Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology is a new department, so it is faced with different problems and the main problems are as following:

  • Having no enough classrooms and laboratories;
  • Lack of teaching materials and books;
  • Lack of laboratory equipment, even very basic teaching tools for site visiting/practice;
  • Lack of qualified members specially members with high education grade and science grade;
  • Having no projectors for standard teaching.