Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing (DGTD) Department:

  The Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing (DGTD) Department was established as a general department in construction school of Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU) in 1968. Since, as per credit system, Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawings are the two fundamental and prerequisite subjects so that students from several engineering faculties-Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical etc- are required to take these fundamental subjects. Therefore, DGTD department is responsible for offering these two courses for students of seven engineering schools of (KPU) according to its syllabuses and using state of the art technology.

The staffs of the department try to supply best services in terms of teaching methods, compiling and providing textbooks and reference books. As of establishment of the DGTD department, professors of this department have compiled more than 40 volumes of textbooks and reference books such as General Technical Drawing, General Descriptive Geometry, Projection Theory, Theory of Perspective, shadows etc. Moreover, more than 150 placards have been prepared that contribute to students understanding the Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing.

Since establishment, several Afghan and foreign professors have taught in this department. Presently, nine Afghan professors with different academic ranks teach students and among them, associate professor Abdul Sabour heads the department. It is worth mentioning that several foreign professors headed the DGTD department as well namely: Prof. A.W. Eroneshov who was the first head of the department and Prof. W. Wakrilov, Prof. A.F. Torpatikov, Prof. A.N Kozmin, Prof. Z.A. Lokaya, Prof. W.A Tagasov, Prof. N.W. Koshich were respectively.

The DGTD department is indebted of all professors who already contributed to this department whose names mentioned below and appreciates the cooperation of recently retired professors namely Ph.D. Abdul Qaium Karimzada, Ph.D. Nasrullah Danishyar and Associate Prof. Mohammad Nasim Mustafazada. They not only taught for several years in DGTD department already but also now cooperate with DGTD department in terms of training and sharing their experience and knowledge with young and newly joined professors of the department.