Computing Information Science (CIS) Department:

CIS founded in 2009 and covers a broad area of computer science studies such as: communication systems that include IP and GSM networks, computer programming languages, information security, software systems and mobile technologies. Generally, CIS’s activities can be categorized into three areas:

1.      Design and development of software systems.

The topics students learn and practice here are skilling with programming languages and techniques, learning software engineering and principles, advancing system analysis and design. They will learn how to manage software development team and adjust themselves in team work environments.

2.      Design and deployment of computer and telecom networks

The topics have been encompassed under this section are design and engineering of computer network and telecom network, data infrastructure backbone network, network and data security.

3.      Mobile technologies, applications and open source technologies.

The main topics of this section are mobile services, mobile application technologies and mobile software programming approaches.

4.      Introduce and improve new ways for solving computer problems.

Key study topics in this department

§  Computer Networks (CN)

§  Signal and System (SS)

§  Voice over IP (VoIP)

§  Programming Fundamentals (PF)

§  Programming Languages (PL)

§  Algorithms and Complexity (AL)

§  Operating Systems (OS)

§  Open Source Technologies(OST)

§  Net-Centric Applications (NCA)

§  Human-Computer Interaction (HC)

§  Information Security (IS)

§  Cellular Networks (CN)

§  Wireless Networks (WN)

§  Information Management (IM)

§  ICT 4 Development (ICT4D)

§  Software Engineering (SE)

§  Database Systems (DB)

Department of Computing Information Science (CIS):

1.      Pohanyar Khaja Zubiar Sediqi – M.S.c, Germany

2.      Pohanyar Ali Aqa Naseri – M.Sc, Germany

3.      Pohanyar Ahmad Masood Latifrai – M.Sc, Germany

4.      Pohanyar Morsal Dawodi – M.Sc, Germany

5.      Pohanyar Niyaz Mohmmad Ramaki – M.Sc, Germany

6.      Pohanyar Aqa Mustaf Akhlaqi – M.Sc, Germany (studying)

7.      Pohanyar Mohmmad Ali Jawid – M.Sc, Japan

8.      Pohanyar Hamidullah Sukut – M.Sc, Japan

9.      Pohanyar Nazim Kaberi – M.Sc, Japan (studying)

10.  Pohanyar Aman Sultani – M.Sc, Japan (studying)