Auto Mechanic Engineering Department:

Transportation by automobile is one of the important tools for the development of society. It is not only used for human transportation, but is also considered important for transporting shipments in agriculture, business, construction, mines and industries. Due to the particular climate, geographical conditions and geological structure of Afghanistan, transportation by automobile is more common than all other types of transportation here, and more than 90% of transportation takes place by automobiles in the country. Therefore, in order to have good management of transportation by automobile, we need professional engineers and staffs. Based on the people need automobile engineering department is established in 1981.  And it is considered as one of the best departments in all over the country which trains the experts in this field. The goal of this department is to establish a higher education institution; specialized standard engineering based on its quality and quantity which should not only respond to the needs of  country developments  based on the daily life and markets, but also should competes with the academic standards of the country zone and should be accepted by national and transnationals.    

Goals of auto mechanic engineering department

  1. Promote teachers academic proficiency
  2. Provide laboratory tools
  3. Searching the donors for the implementation of strategic plan
  4. Assessing and evaluating of the curriculum implementation
  5. providing good learning environment for the students
  6. prevent of all discriminations (political, ethnical, lingual, region, religious)
  7. hire novice teachers based on the bill’s requirements
  8. building relations with higher education’s institution of the developed countries
  9. holding self-evaluation process in the department
  10. Providing updated text books.
  11.   Establish library for the engineering department
  12. Establishing  new fields based on the country need
  13. Efforts for the trains of the technicians of the department’s laboratories.
  14. Trains of the department lab rant.
  15. Efforts for the repairing of the technical and academic workshops of the department.

Work place of this department is broad for the graduated students. Students are able for the doing of the professional activities, leading of the productive affairs, technical and establishing affairs in the following fields:

  • Complex institutions of auto mobile transportation with the different ownership forms (public, private and mixed or complex).
  • Investigational institutions- academic designing, technological in the auto mobile transportation field.
  • Transportation institutions- repaired and services.
  • Factories centers and connected institution for the making and repairing of the automobile fermentation.
  • Central cervices of marketing
  • Central material culminates-technical for the effective activities of the automobile transportation institution.
  • In the field of maintains, caring and repairs of the industrial, agricultural and constructional machines.
  • In productive institutions and connected to the fermentation fields.
  • Design of the machine ingredients.

In the first period in 1986 auto mechanic department graduated 26 students with the master degree and 725 engineers are graduated in nine periods from this department. Now the teaching process is fulfilling by the eight teachers as: Associated Professor Abdul- Ahad Khaliqi, Associated Professor Syed Yusuf, Associated Professor Mohammad Juma Kazimi, Associated Professor Esrail Bustankhil, Associated Professor Mir Aaqa Maihan, Associated Professor Abdul Hameed Todai, Assisstant Professor Mohammad Anwar Omid, Assisstant Professor Sohibullah Zarghune is now in the Slovak for the MSc degree. Engineer Hasibullah and Engineer Abdulatif work in the laboratories affairs of the professional subjects in this department.