Faculty of Transportation Engineering

The above-mentioned faculty was established based on Road Construction Department which was founded in the year 1970. Under the structure of Kabul Polytechnic Institute of that time. Under that name, it has successfully presented several batches of undergraduates and graduates to the society.

In 2008 during the visit of our 3 respective professors to the University of Calgary, there has been a total alteration in strategic plan and curriculum of this faculty. Because of that alteration, the name changed to Faculty of Transportation Engineering.

The Faculty of Transportation Engineering has produced two batches of undergraduates to the Afghan society. Due to the need of establishment of new transportation network (Railway) in 2014 Department that department was founded and has been promoted to Faculty.


Transportation Engineering Faculty Mission

The transportation engineering faculty mission is, to develop the quality and level of modern knowledge in planning, designing and construction of Transportation structures due to market demands and to take part in solving of professional problems of the country for the social development and solving problems in the level of national and international.

Transportation Engineering Faculty Vision

The transportation engineering faculty vision is, to create a quality knowledge center, Planning, innovation and engineering development of transportation structures. This faculty will educate the students from very ethnics and cultures by qualified education and academic members in the peaceful environment.  This faculty will educate the students in this field, that respect to Afghan and worldwide society and be able to lead the society toward standard and welfare life, which results, development of society in national and international levels.

Transportation Engineering Faculty Aims

The aims of this faculty are as following to achieve its mission and vision:

  1. To develop and create a qualified faculty
  2. Works on qualified and advantageous high education
  3. To stable and active the departments and academic members
  4. To provide complementary education opportunities for Academic members
  5. Service delivery for society, to take part in the development of society and to create a close relationship with society, due to country constitution and rules.


Railway Engineering Department

Railway Engineering Department Missions

The railway engineering department mission is, to educate the students with high national and international quality knowledge in the field of railway according to the market demands, country necessities and country 5500 km railway network.

Railway Engineering Department Vision

The railway engineering department vision is, to create a professional department for students in the field of railway around the country that its alumni must be able to serve with their modern knowledge in national and international level loyally.

 Railway Engineering Department Aims

  1. Creation of a standard department
  2. Seriously focus on education quality
  3. Implementation  of curriculum plans
  4. To provide complementary education opportunities for Academic members
  5. Service delivery with current facilities, according to the Universities financial independence regulation,
  6. To take share in social development and to make relationship with society

What can do the Railway Engineering Department Alumni in society?

The Alumni of this Department must be able to serve for society in following fields

  1. Planning of railway projects
  2.  Designing of railway projects
  3. Construction and implementation of railway projects
  4. Maintenance of railway projects