Urban Planning Department:

The Urban planning department has been established on 1392 SH, within the construction faculty of Kabul Polytechnic University. The department is the ramification and consequence of the Architecture department that founded in the year 1392 SH, in the framework of construction faculty, based upon the efforts of teachers from the architecture department, dean of the faculty and university officials.

In the starts the stuff chart of the newly established department was only four teachers from the architecture department, heading by POHANDOI, Dip. Arch. Dawod shah (Farooq).

Since the establishment of the Department, the efforts and attempt toward achievements and prosperity were taken to educate and graduate professionals in urban planning. Supplied the modern and obtain professional teaching methodology, scheduled the regular classes and improve the curriculum, facilitated academic activities and researchers.

The First class began in the year 1392 SH, there were only thirty students admitted the department for the first time which, now 24 of them completed the eighth semester the fourth year and are currently busy with preparing their diploma thesis, and 6 others were failed or joined scholarships.  However, the department had totally two hundred twenty students in various semesters and terms, within the mention numbers, one hundred eighty-three students are passed and still continuing different classes but, the tests are failed during exams or joined the scholarships.


Currently, there are 183 students in the following classes

1.      24 students finished eighth-semester the fourth year and are preparing their diploma theses.

2.      57 students are in the third year

3.      45 students are in second year                                                                                                   

4.      59 students are in the first year

There are only 34 female students in the following class

1.      6 female students in the fourth year

2.      5 female students in the third year

3.      6 female students in the second year

4.      17 female students in the first year

The urban planning classes are being thought with the following contemporary and effective methodologies.

1.      Lectures

2.      Practical tasks  

3.      Lab activity

4.      Academic seminars and conferences

5.      Class work

6.      Projects

7.      Productive and functional implementation

8.      Experimental projects

9.      Urban/Architecture software

10.  Internet facilities

11.  And academic cooperation and close relation with the architecture and urban planning faculties of other universities.

The department is furnished with the soil experimental and testing laboratory which, the gift given by the French Architecture Association and the Senate of the French government to the University, it’s handed over to the department of urban planning and the teachers and students are using the lab during the soil experiments.

The Department Goals & Objectives

-       To educate the youth generation from every nationality and ethics, without any prejudgment, according to their talent and eligibility could join the urban planning class and learn the knowledge and technics of urban planning.

-       Honestly, have an active participation in reconstruction and development of the country through the private and governmental organizations in the field of Urban and Architecture.

Period of study

The undergraduate period for the urban planning is within nine semesters or four and half years to get the bachelor degree, based on the developing plan of the Ministry of Higher Education ( MoHE ) and its credit based system.

Terms of study

1.      The theoretical and practical lessons are in regular classes within the eight semesters  

2.      The data collection, field study, research topic and case study for the thesis are all complete at the end of the eighth semester

3.      Data analysis and completion of the thesis is during the ninth semester

4.      Project defense ( thesis presentation )

The bachelor degree awards for the undergraduate students who, successfully defenses his/her thesis and get the approval by the specific commotion which contains the exact supervisor, teachers of the department and urban experts from the related government organizations within a special session include the dean of faculty, guests and the audience.


 Assistant Professor Mohammad Yonus Wafa, Urban Planning Department – Construction Faculty

 Educational Background:

  •  MSc. degree in the field of Architecture and Urban Design from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, 2010;
  •  B.Sc. degree in the field of Architecture from Kabul Polytechnic University, 2005;


  • Exploring how to use global experiences in Architectural design of schools in Afghanistan, (Research Topic);
  • Exploring the types of public transportation systems in the world and Afghanistan,(Research Topic);
  • Investigating urban spaces appropriate to the needs of children in Kabul, (Research Topic); 
  • Affective variables on the urban waste management from the perspective of urbanization (Research Topic); 
  • Exploring how to use global experiences in Architectural design of schools in Afghanistan, (research paper); 
  • Different lecture notes for different courses (Lecture Notes);

Contact: +93793550153 Email: y.wafa@kpu.edu.af

 Abdul Raqib Ekleel, Urban Planning Department – Construction Faculty    deliverables

 Educational Background:

  •  MSc. degree in Urban planning and Urban Design from Toyohashi University of Technology, Aichi, Japan 2014
  •  B.Sc. degree in Architecture from Kabul Polytechnic University, 2007


  • Township Design Characteristics on Kabul city’s Urban form, (thesis) ·    
  •  Planning and Design of Cultural Building in Kabul city,(thesis) ·  
  •  Upgrading unplanned and informal settlements’ method in Afghanistan , (Research Paper)  ·
  •  Research on formal and informal townships in Kabul city implemented between 1998 to 2012 ( Research Paper )  
  • Socio-Economic Survey mechanism in urban planning ( Research topic )
  • Different lecture notes for different courses (Lecture Notes)

Contact: +93(0) 747 210 507 Email: raqib.ekleel@gmail.com