Mission of the Department:

The mission of the Department of TE is to enhance the level of quality and updated knowledge in design, constructing and planning of transportation structures according to demand of labor market and contribution in eliminating professional problems of the country in order to social development, elimination of national and international needs.

Vision of the Department

We will create an excellent center for knowledge, innovation, and development of TE and planning. We will train best students from a vast variety of culture and geography through a higher and peaceful education as well as research environment, academic and talented faculty member. We will train excellent engineers who respect to the Afghan and global society whereas be able to lead the society to a life with high standards, so they could have an active contribution in social development as well as being acceptable to national and international levels. We will present proficiency to our country and nation through loyalty, honesty and keep principals besides faith to Allah.

Goals of the Department:

For achieving to vision and mission of the department the following goals must be determined:

  1. Create and develop a standard department.
  2. Continuous activity on quality and updating of higher education.
  3. Activate and dynamize department and the faculty member.
  4. Emphasis on graduated and post graduated faculty member.
  5. Presenting services to the society in order to take part in its development as well as creating the close relationship with it according to the law.
  6. Preparation and publishing of scientific works.

­Graduates of the Department:

Graduates of the Department of TE have a strong professional knowledge of design, construct, planning and management and maintenance of the infrastructure projects. They have professional required skills to make related job opportunities for themselves and others.