Railway Engineering Department:

Based of severe necessities of our community and Development Plan of Afghanistan’s Railway Network, which covers 3500 km, lack of professional engineers was felt

So it has been decided to establish a department of railway engineering in 2013.

    The matter of establishment was then added in the institutions establishment 2013 plan of Ministry of Higher Education.

Based on that plan 55 number of students has been accepted by KPU for the first time.

In 2013 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed, regarding cooperation between KPU and RTU of Latvia. Furthermore, the curriculum of this department was also approved by RTU


The railway engineering department mission is, to educate the students with high national and international quality knowledge in the field of railway according to the market demands, country necessities and country 5500 km railway network.


The railway engineering department vision is, to create a professional department for students in the field of railway around the country that its alumni must be able to serve with their modern knowledge in national and international level loyally.

 Railway Engineering Department Aims

Creation of a standard department

Seriously focus on education quality

Implementation  of curriculum plans

To provide complementary education opportunities for Academic members

Service delivery with current facilities, according to the Universities financial independence regulation,

To take share in social development and to make relationship with society

What can do the Railway Engineering Department Alumni in society?

The Alumni of this Department must be able to serve for society in following fields: 

Planning of railway projects

 Designing of railway projects

Construction and implementation of railway projects

Maintenance of railway projects.