Physical Training Department 

The physical training Department of Kabul polytechnic university has been created in 1967 to increase the athletic talent and physical fitness talent of students. Department of physical training from the same time has expert and experienced professor in advanced practical, theory,  physical and  mental tasks . In the past Department of physical training had 8 expert teachers in its establishment but now it has 5 under graduate teachers.

Teachers of Department









In addition, Department of physical training created sport teams for student. These teams competed in foreign tournament and gain a good score.

Sport Complex of Kabul Polytechnic University

1: The sport stadium has a great free zone and a lobby. Also, stadium has capacity of 2000 viewers in same time. In addition, in this stadium they play other sports like: Athletic, jogging, threw of ball etc. now in this big area loya Jirga tent is located.

2: Tennis fields

3: Basketball fields

4: Volleyball fields

5: Ping pong equipped club

6: Chess club

7: Standard sport fiber field

8: Soccer fields but still it not complete.

9: Swimming pool with a capacity of 1875 cubicle meters of water and also it has dressing rooms, test rooms, bathrooms and showers for students.

10: Fitness (Body Weight)

11: Sport gymnasium that it has modern monument. They establish lots of conferences, sport training in different fields in a big hall for students. That it play a very vital role in their physical and mental promotion and also for their better education field. Finally it has a big stage for establishing of public gatherings, conferences of Engineering, artistic and scientific programs.

Celebration Competition of Kabul Polytechnic University

Department of physical training every year according to their schedule they celebrate sports tournament in different field in Kabul polytechnic university.


Sport teams of Kabul Polytechnic University









Membership of Kabul Polytechnic University Students in National Team of Country









Classification of Kabul Polytechnic University sport team in Afghanistan sport and physical training in chairmanship