The Kabul Polytechnic University Leadership Board visited those Valid Russian Federation Universities for joint cooperation with previously signed memorandums of understanding with them

26 Dec, 2019

In this trip The leadership boards of Ministry of Higher Education, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation and The Kabul Polytechnic University leadership signed memorandums of understanding with valid Government Construction University of Moscow, the Railway and Transportation University of Moscow and the Automobile and Transportation University of Moscow for the implementation and execution of previously signed agreements.

The Kabul Polytechnic University Chancellor Mr. Professor Mohammad Sayed Kakar by order number (2592) Date: 11/12/2019 of the President offices visited the mentioned chancellors and Departments Dean of Universities and It has made significant gains. Like:

* Comparing the Kabul Polytechnic University and mentioned Universities Curriculums.

* arranged list of laboratory equipment with specifications.

* Promise of 40 scholarships of Moscow Government University of Construction to Kabul Polytechnic University.

* arranged joint scientific-research plan with all three universities.

* Permission to use the digital library of the above-mentioned universities.

* Permission to publish scientific papers of Kabul Polytechnic University professors in their scientific journals.