Educational Workshop (teaching based on the results of student-centered education)

29 Feb, 2020

Educational workshops (result-based teaching and student-centered education) were organized by the office HEDP (Higher Education Development Program) for the professors of the university.

In the first verses of the Quran Majid was recited, then Kabul Polytechnic University  Chancellor professor Mohammad Sayee Kakar thanked the professors for sharing this workshop. also discussed the promotion and implementation of new teaching methods in the field and thanked the HEDP (Higher Education Development Program) office staff for launching the workshop.

And also Sekandar “ Zadran “ Director  of Vocational Development Center Talked about higher education programs and its potential for lecturers and academic and the need for lecturers to participate in these programs provided information.

It is noteworthy that (56) instructors participate in this training workshop, which lasts for 12 days.