Dialogue and inauguration of youth capacity building programs in the sectors related to water and environment for Afghanistan

20 Oct, 2019

The assembly began with the recitation of the verses of Kalamullah Majid.

At first, the message of the Scientific Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs of Kabul Polytechnic University was read by Mr. Mohammad Nazir "Nejabi” and the presence of members of the Afghanistan Water and Environment Research Center, esteemed representatives of the Creek Institute, professors, members of the Central Asian Youth Network of Guests, welcomed the students

Subsequently in charge of the National Center for Water and Environmental Research, a discussion of water research in the country required and water-related policies were vital at the country level.

At the same time, the youth of the Central Asian Network in the water sector discuss the importance of the National Center for Water and Environmental Research in capacity building, awareness, consultation, policy, partnerships with institutions, practices, drinking water provision, environmentally friendly living talked.

Following a debate on the agenda discussed by Mohammad Nasim "Nasimi" and Mohammed Qassim "Sediqi", they discussed youth participation in research and participation in building more water resources and reducing their consumption, preparing proposals, Conferences have summed up the modern technology of parliament.