Appreciation of the functions of professors and staff of the K P U

20 Mar, 2019

After reading the Holy Quran Professor Mohammad Sayeed “ Kakar” Chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic University  the services and functions of the professors of the Kabul Polytechnic University, especially the retired people, reminded  their efforts and the scientific and academic field.

Then professor Abdul Ahad “ Khaleqi “ the Kabul Polytechnic University Voice Chancellor Academic Affairs honestly, he appreciated the services of the professors in the field of science and education.

Also Professor Mohammad Naim “ Eqrar “ , Professor Naqibullah “ Sahak “ Professor “ Najaf “ Professor Mohammad Qasem “ Sediqi “ and Professor Shamsul Haq “ Kashifi “ Spoke on behalf of convinced professors and expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the Kabul Polytechnic University for honoring the scientific and professorial services  and promised to cooperate with the university  areas.