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Name - Abdul Rashid

Sure Name – Iqbal

Job Title – Dean of Faculty of Geology and Mines

Educational Degree – Master Degree

Scientific Rank – Professor



1-Primery School- Chak Wardak

2-Secondery School- Jami High School, Herat

3-Bochelor and Master Degree- Azerbaijan Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry


Work Experiences:

  1. Engineer in Ministry of Mines and Industries, year 1365
  2. Army  Holy Services, year 1365-1366
  3. Engineer in WAPECA, Ministry of Energy and Water, year1367
  4. Assistant of professor and professor at Oil and Gas Mines Engineering Department of KPU, year 1368 till now
  5. Assistant of professor and  administrator of Chancellor Office, year 1369-1370
  6. Acting Chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic Institute, year 1377
  7. Dean of Faculty of Geology and Mines of KPU, from 17-02-1398 till now
  8. Part time worked at many national and international organizations