general chemistry Department:

Chemistry Department was established in 1346 and its first teacher was Dr.Khair Mohammad Mamond. Continuously, Dr.Mohammad Dr.Ghaws Hakimi, Dr.Mohammad Eslam Rahimi, Dr.Adbul Ghafar Ward, Dr.Abdul Ali Hadi, Dr.Abdullah Mostammandi, Dr.Mir Mohammad Reza, Dr.Said Rahman Noori, and Dr.Mohammad Ghaws Aemal were assigned as teachers until 1357 in Chemistry Department. Prof. Sayed Rahman Noori is presently working as head of this department and Dr.Sher Aqa Niazai, Dr.Abdul Satar, Dr.Fawzia Amin, Abdul Ghafoor Noorzad and Khatera Rahmani are the current lecturer's professors this department.

Furthermore, Chemistry Department is now equipped with laboratories of general chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry. Colloid chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. The curriculum and laboratory related activates are being executed by six professional academic teachers to students from seven faculties.

The objective beyond establishing this department was to train professionals with the updated scientific education. Obeying the regulations of Ministry of Higher Education, this department has the following objectives:

  1. Training young and well-educated professionals in engineering specialties.
  2. Conducting workshops and seminars in order to increase capacities of teachers.
  3. Executing laboratory researchers using well-equipped laboratories of this department.
  4. Creating an academic atmosphere free of ethnic and political discriminations.
  5. Standardizing curriculum of this department based on updated materials.
  6. Preparing course materials based on the standard curriculum.
  7. Paving the best ways for teachers of this department to do their academic researchers.
  8. Building the academic network and mutual colorations with other national and international universities.
  9. Developing self-assessment process and quality assurance program.  

Mission of the department

This is a general chemistry teaching department, the lecturers of this department deliver the lectures of different chemical subjects to the whole faculties of the university. The best achievement of this department is collaboration in improvements of educational level with the whole universities of Afghanistan. The main objectives of this department are the provision of a standard department, focus on quality and quantity of education. Verification of improvements of quality.

Vision statement

  • Implementation of the new curriculum
  • Introduction of professionals for master degree and Ph.D. to foreign countries
  • Equipped laboratory for doing experiments for students

Work on publishing materials to rise up knowledge capacity of professionals.

Research work

Lecturers and professors of this department have several types of research but most of them are not conducted due to the lack of laboratories some of the articles are under work and will be published.


This department is equipped with a chemical lab, lecturers are able to deliver their lectures via both soft and hard.