Filamentary economic and History Department:

Filamentary economic and history department established in 6/8/1393 under the format of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering Faculty because of economic undergird developments in the specialty, familiarizing with the current history of Afghanistan, realizing constitutions, national magistracy, freedom, and real democracy. Afghanistan has proud of five thousand years of civilized history. People who live in Afghanistan are one nation, infrangible and independent. So, Filamentary economic and history department wants to train the unity manners and the national strategy for those Afghan students who are learning in their specialties; until they should defense from their honored country. The same as the past this department wants to destroy the breakaways among the people and defense from the National magistracy by having the unit nation under the regularized undergird economic specialty.  

Filamentary economic and history department train the students as the professional experts with the historical pride purposes in the following fields:

·         Hypogynous sources and their classifications

·         Row mineral materials and country economic zones

·         Role of geological exploration affairs in economic

·         Geological exploration affairs and its basic principles

·         Classification of beneficiating substances sources and supplies based on international studies in geological reports

·         Applying globalized experiences in the practical affairs in the special fields.     

Totally whole honorable department teachers teach based on the syllabus and curriculum in each semester.

Currently, honorable teachers are not only busy with the teaching of different subjects, they are also busy with the academic research in the different economic and history fields for developing and growth of country national economic. Academic members of this department always try their bests to afford Ph.D. situations by the special cooperation of the University