Kabul polytechnic University is the main center of engineers educating

Kabul polytechnic university in 1342 mizan which equivalent to 13 October of 1969 in 72 hectares of land in sixth zone of Kabul was established. In this ceremony government officials from both Afghanistan other countries were present.

The university building included classrooms, laboratory, library, dormitory, place for professors, cafeteria with 1000 capacity, mosque with 500 capacity, sport facility, conference room with 1000 capacities, workshop  and leisure center.  

The university building materials were given by the people of Soviet Union as gift to the people of Afghanistan. Engineers from Soviet Union and Afghanistan worked jointly.

Alter completion of teaching classrooms and laboratory in 1346, the university began to offer educational service and in the year of 1351 for the first time students form this university graduated.  Until 1381 this university was called Kabul polytechnic institute then later on it became Kabul polytechnic university.

Until 1359 students studied till bachelor level and till 1371 students could study master level in the field of engineering. In this period people were educated to PHD level. In total 20 people defended their PHD degrees.

Kabul polytechnic university from the beginning of its establishment was considered as one of the important entity in providing education and training. The university graduates in all field of engineering was remarkable and tangible. The university has always worked hard to provide a suitable and nurturing environment for development and modernizing in both quality and quantity. 


KPU in 1968                                                                                    KPU in war Time 1995

KPU in 2016

Address: Kabul Polytechnic University

Bagh-e-Bala, Fifth Districts

Kabul Afghanistan


Modernizing and standardizing of all aspect of the university’s affairs, developing engineering science in accordance to the new development and achievements in science and technology in the world. Establishment of new majors and faculties and training new academic staff, training new competent engineers to meet the needs our the country as well as committed to human, Islamic and the country’s values in accordance with current demands and criteria.


Our mission is to provide and deliver high quality educational service for all of our country men and women who eligible for educationsuch as teaching, research, leadership training skills and program for the national project


We want to establish higher education system that not just meets our students and countrymen and women demand in both quality and quantity but also to be able to compete with other educational system in the region.


Kabul Polytechnic University as a leading public university in the field of engineering observe all rules and regulation of ministry of higher education and will implement all of its activities in according to its mission, vision and current opportunities.

Important points on its goals: 

1.      Training and preparing young and talented staff with engineering knowledge and standard.

2.      Educating patriate staff with good attitude and moral.

3.      Capacity building program for the instructors.

4.      Equipping the laboratory of university with modern technology and maintain them

5.     Persistent expansion of newteaching method.

6.     Provision of suitable social and ethical environment and prevention of any kind discrimination in the university environment.

7.     Revising and modernizing the university curriculum

8.     Reconsideration of the time for making

9.     Writing and translation of text books.

10.                     Hiring of staff according to the needs

11.                     Enhancing and promoting the current master program and setting new master degree program.

12.                     Gaining independency in both academic and economic

13.                     Implementation of research project and engineering

14.                     Expanding of the university faculties and departments according to the country’s needs.

15.                     Promotion of Kabul polytechnic university to an academic research in the country level.

16.                     Building relationship with universities inside the outsides of the countries. 

17.                     Hiring, training and encouraging of technicians for departments.

18.                     Developing and Expanding of foreign languages

19.                     Equipment of printing and publishing center of the university 

20.                     Building new buildings and classrooms for the university

21.                     Creating databases and standard website

22.                     Revising on the implementation of the credit system

23.                     Evaluation of academic, administration, and teaching by experienced teachers and competent students.

24.                     Looking for fund or budget in addition its annual budget

25.                     Creation of healthy and effective management

26.                     Revision of regulations, procedures and guidelines 

27.                     Implementation of punishment and reward in the university

28.                     Signing of memorandum of understanding, protocol with the ministries and national and international entities.    

29.                     Establishment of cultural and social associations by the students to enhance student’s talents.